Gladden Fields

The Saturn Return

     1.  The Lonely Whine of the Midnight Train
     2.  Workin' for DHG (the Hiding Place Drag)
     3.  Who do you Love? (Bo Diddley)
     4.  Alan's Lead
     5.  Steve's Drums
     6.  Sissy & Brasil
     7.  Beat it on Down the Line
     8.  Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan)
     9.  Big-Eyed Beans from Venus (Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet)
    10. Mercy Mercy Mercy (Joe Zawinul)
    11. Saturday Night Beaver
    12. MaryJane
    13. Dirty Love (Frank Zappa)
    14. Shake and Finger Pop (Junior Walker)
    15. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward)
    16. Room to Move (John Mayall)
    17. Maiden Voyage/Truckin' (Herbie Handcock/Grateful Dead)

Steve Gabe: Lead Vocals/Drums/Harmonica
Dan Goitein: Bass(Nylon String Guitar*)
Michael Cunningham: Lead Guitar/Background Vocals
Alan Watt: Lead Guitar
Rob Cunningham: Lead Guitar
Jeff Rymes: Lead Guitar
Steve Berry: Congas/Claves
Teri Hopkins-Lee: Violin/Background vocals
Julie Ann Layne McClain: Lead Vocal/Background vocal
Michael Conn: Trumpet
Ron Dubin: Trombone
Thomas Cross: Saxophone
Roger Corman: keyboards
Eva Starkey: Flute
The Martian Band: Percussion/Background Vocals

Digitally remastered by Paul Kostabi at Piermont Studios, NY
1978 and 2008 Gibby and Gabby Productions

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