Gladden Fields Live

at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati, CA, 1978

Steve Gabe: Lead Vocals/Drums
Dan Goitein: Bass(Nylon String Guitar*)
Alan Watt: Lead Guitar(Bass*/Lead Vocals on Columbian Gold)
Libby Harrison: Lead Guitar
Steve Stang: All Saxes(Flute*) - Where's Steve Stang?
Steve Berry: Congas/Claves
Michael Conn: Trumpet on Saturday Night Beaver
Ron Dubin: Trombone on Saturday Night Beaver

Digitally remastered by Paul Kostabi at Piermont Studios, NY
© 1978 and 2008 Gibby and Gabby Productions

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Neil Young, Van Morrison, and The Grateful Dead all played at the Inn of the Beginning which opened in 1968 and closed its doors in 1982 ending its initial incarnation. Also lovingly known as the Filmore North the old sign still remains on the building situated on a western style sidewalk complete with wooden hitching posts. I saw so many great performances at this legendary club during my stay in Cotati from 1977-78 including Tony Williams, Big Momma Thornton and John Cipollina who with his SF psychedelic vibrato guitar sound had beckoned me to go to the west coast. We showed the super8 movie made by Dan Goitein “The Great Gladden Fields Debauchery aka We’re only in it for the…” which has since been lost but the live improvised soundtrack remains. This live concert was recorded on a balmy night in June of 1978 by Brian Bajor from a VW van mobile recording unit just outside the club at our last gig. That night I left and drove all the way to Austin, TX to try and get into the music scene there. I ended up working as a Cajun seafood cook next door to Antone’s Blues Club. There I saw Bobby “Blue” Bland, Clifton Chenier, Albert King and many others who had made the blues what it is. I also got to see Stevie Ray Vaughn with Lou Ann Barton and Jimmie Vaughn and the Thunderbirds. The success I had with Gladden Fields that culminated in this one great night was indeed the end of the beginning. School was back in session so I cashed my chips in and made my way back to NYC to go to college and start my life over. Now it’s time to go back and revive the old band and the scene we came out of in Cotati, CA. The sound quality is surprisingly superb considering that the tape was gathering dust for 30 years in my sister’s attic. In celebration of this quasi-historic record release we are going to videotape the two concerts of the reunited Gladden Fields and friends that will be held 4/18/08 at Sonoma State U. and 4/19/08 at La Plaza Park. This is all being done in order to share with the world the magic that was in Cotati and at The Inn of the Beginning so many years ago. Let’s begin again! --Steve Gabe--