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4/19/08 Cotati - Concert Video 4/19/08 Cotati - Concert CD
The Saturn Return - 1977-78 at the Inn of the Beginning - 1978 Live at the Cabaret Club - 1978
Cheerleaders Beach Party


The Saturn Return of Gladden Fields and Aircastle is a Re-Sounding Success!

Cotati , CA April 19, 2008. People in this usually sleepy Northern California town awoke on Saturday to find these two long forgotten bands playing their collective hearts out. Day two of the Be There Now Festival in La Plaza Park had all the energy of a LIVE 60ís DEAD show. The evening before at Sonoma State University marked the official reunions of Gladden Fields and Aircastle at the place where it all began for both groups back in the late 70ís...more>>

Steve Gabe tells the story of how Gladden Fields came about in the 1970's in California.

In the winter of 1977, I was an 18 year old on the road in Northern California. I had bought my International Harvester 4 wheel drive Scout II with my Bar Mitzvah money. It had become my home and was very often parked at 4 Mile Beach in Santa Cruz. I was working on and off for my buddy Mel Jorgensen who lived in the Los Gatos hills cutting down dead trees and selling cords of wood. He lived at the top of a hill with his lovely wife, wonderful daughter, 9 cats, 4 dogs, 2 goats, assorted chickens, turkeys and other creatures. It was the cool hippie life I had dreamed about while growing up in Tenafly, NJ...On my way up to San Francisco, I picked up a hitchhiker from Antwerp, Belgium. It was my first time ever in the city ...more>>

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We have found most of the band members but the search continues for those still at large. Any help in locating them will be rewarded.
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W e are still searching for the following people who were in Cotati and/or going to Sonoma State University in 1977-1978: Mike Cunningham; Rob Cunningham; Bill (the Photographer); Thomas Cross the sax guy from the dorms; Jeff Rymes; Steve Stang; Eva Starkey or anyone else who played with or knew of the band.

Latest clue found in bathroom at MTV in NYC
If anyone knows the whereabouts of these people, please e-mail us with contact information at ..