The Bo Diddley Interview
Bo's Thoughts on the Music Industry and Mona Revealed

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SG: Dance music?

BD: You canít dance with some of the music thatís come along. What helped me is that Iíve got two teenage daughters and they tell me right quick ďDad, pick it up just a bit. Thatís what theyíre dancing at now.Ē They would stand out on the floor and do their routine to it and Iíd see. So now I pay attention to the way kids are dancing today. I watch Dick Clarkís American Bandstand and then I write close around it. I donít stand far off anymore like I used to because I havenít got ten years to play games with the public like I did when I first started. I didnít know I was going to have to play a guessing game with the sixties. Iíve recorded stuff that is just now beginning to be recognized. I donít want to have to die to be famous, but thatís what it looks like. We have this real bad in America. We donít recognize what we have right on our own doorstep. Weíve got entertainers here that are bad! musicians, I mean good ones! We donít give them a chance, like England donít give their people a chance. Why is it that countries donít recognize their own musicians first before they recognize somebody else?

SG: Because the industry releases too many meaningless records and floods the domestic market?

BD: Thatís one of the things. Out of twenty six almost twenty seven years that I have been blessed by the Almighty I have been loved throughout the whole twenty six years that I have been affiliated with music by the public. I want to say God bless everybody who had a hand in making Bo Diddley what he is today. What I mean by that is buying my records, listening to them, and if you never bought a record you came to the shows. You have a lot of people who follow you around but donít have any records.

SG: Do you know where I can get some records?

BD: SugarHill Records in Englewood, NJ. They bought the whole Chess catalogue.

SG: What about royalties from other artistsí renditions of your songs?

BD: I havenít seen a royalty check for quite a while. Iíve got so much money around and canít get my hands on it. Youíre looking at a multi-millionaire with a few thousand dollars. It shouldnít be that way. Iím one of the nice guys and I think this is one of the reasons I got fucked around. But you catch the cat who throws bricks and dynamite heís the one who gets recognized. I watched this. You have never heard anything dirty about me anywhere, while just about everyone else in the business has had something to read about. The only bad thing I used to do was a lot of women. And Iím going to keep on Rockiní and Rolliní.

SG: Who was Mona?

BD: : I knew a chick named Mona and I only met her twice. She was a forty five year old shake dancer that had a body, Goddamn! Oh man she looked good! Forty five years old. She used to stand on her head in a chair on stage, with her bottom in the air and make the chair move across the stage. I started singing and told her I was going to write a song about her. A year later I ran into her in San Antonio, Texas at the Eastwood Country Club. This was a big club back in the sixties where everybody worked, BB King, Jr. Parker and Bobby ďBlueĒ Bland, everybody. I was on a rock and roll tour and saw her name up at the Eastwood. I went back to the hotel and she was staying next door to me so I gave her the record. I met her in a plain show bar in Detroit where she was working and wrote the song Mona. Turned out to be a son of a gun, and it was just something I was just doing.

Seville Hotel 1981

That evening Bo Diddley closed out a three hour set at the punk club Privates with the Jon Paris Band as his able and energetic backups. Bo received the familiar woo hoo yells of a very appreciative and totally satiated crowd. The black clad punky waitress came over with the bill and I asked her ďHow do you feel about the music?Ē She said ďItís too repetitious.Ē I said ďBut itís very sexual isnít it?Ē She smiled and a said ďYes, definitely!Ē

Bo Diddley sadly passed away June 2, 2008 at 79 years young. We have lost an American Hero and a friend to all who knew him. Listen and Learn! Bo knows!

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