The Bo Diddley Interview
Bo on his Music

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SG: There are plenty of artists doing your material on the radio right now.

BD: There are plenty of people doing my stuff that are butchering my music. I get into an argument with my manager and I told him ďI donít understand it, I canít get away with my own shit. Maybe itís that Iím playing the stuff too clean, too professionally, and too good,Ē But Iím in the crossfire because if I had remained as I was twenty years ago everybody would say ďOh that cat ainít evolved or nothing, heís in a rut.Ē

SG: What about the discrepancies Iíve found in previous articles written about you?

BD: Thereís a whole bunch of lies that go behind me. People donít know what my potentials are. They think Iím just Chinka Chink Chinka Chink Chink, that type of thing. Thatís supposed to be the limit of my things. No, I happen to be a classical musician. I done forgot more than these guys writing this stuff up that donít search and find the right sound.

SG: Most of them are over-produced. Iíve seen you make up songs on stage.

BD: Thatís right, thatís one of my things.

SG: What do you think about the revitalized interest in Rhythm and Blues?

BD: I was playing Disco before Disco came out and people didnít know what the hell I was doing then. So I backed off it and backed up to something, rather than to go try to go back to Muddy Waters. I had to stick with my own styliní, I knew where I wanted to go. I didnít know if I was going to make it, but I didnít want to be another Muddy Waters. Thereís one Muddy Waters and thatís enough. Iím not imitating anybody. If I imitate some kind of music, like this punk rock song I do, I do it as a gimmick. Iíd be cracking up on stage the whole time because itís funny. Iím waiting to catch a film of me doing this stuff cause I want to see how stupid I look!

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