Gladden Fields Live

at the Be There Now Festival in Cotati, CA, 2008

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    1. Lonely Whine of the Midnight Train (Gabe/Goitein)
    2. Workin' for DHG (Gabe/Goitein)
    3. Gladden Fields Theme Song (Gabe/Goitein)
    4. Bees in the Honey (Gabe)
    5. Chai Song (Layne)
    6. Quota (Watt)
    7. Cissy Strut (The Meters)
    8. Good Lovin'(Clark/Resnick
    9. Columbian Gold (Watt)
    10. Announcement-Aircastle

Steve Berry: Congas/Cowbell/Tambourine (Drums on Bees in the Honey and Good Lovin'/Lead Vocals on Quota)
Steve Gabe: Lead Vocals/Drums (Harmonica on Bees in the Honey)
Scott Gartner: keyboards
Dan Goitein: Bass
Julie Ann Layne: Background Vocals/Tambourine (Rhythm Guitar on Chai Song and Gladden Fields Theme/Lead Vocals on Chai Song)
Alan Watt: Lead Guitar (Mandolin on Chai Song/Lead Vocals on Columbian Gold)

2008 Gibby and Gabby Productions

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